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Get our free ebook by subscribing to our monthly Newsletter, The Monthly Minute by KidKare. Every month you will receive tips and tools to help you understand and master the Food Program. Running a home daycare is a labor of love for those who are called to do it, but there are plenty of reasons NOT to open a home daycare. Feeding a daycare full of kids requires daycare accounting not only affordable ingredients but also nutritional balance, simplicity, and of course, flavors that will appeal to young palates. When planning daycare menus, you need plenty of cheap lunch ideas for daycare. There are tons of great choices for ones you can use, but this bullet journal budget form is the one I’ve been using and it’s working great for me.

  • With FreshBooks daycare software, you can create and send professional looking invoices.
  • It may seem like there is a steep learning curve to mastering your small business accounting, but rest assured it gets easier as you go along.
  • Follow the links below to learn
    everything else you’ll need to know to achieve an in-home daycare you
    will be proud to call your own.
  • You’ll want to increase your profits and have confidence knowing your business is thriving.
  • In addition, ZenBusiness offers LLC formation service starting at $0 (+ state fee), making starting your new daycare business even more affordable.

Making an invoice recurring in KidKare Accounting is as easy as ticking a box. You can set invoices to be sent every week, every other week, or every month. Check out all the ways KidKare Accounting helps you streamline and manage invoices. Bookkeeping can be challenging if you’re new to the process. Consider the following best practices for your daycare bookkeeping.

Staff login for the first time.

KidKare Accounting lets you track expenses, including mileage, and calculates the all-important time/space calculation for you. It also gives you the tools to record meals as well as add, edit and schedule menus. Plus, with a single click or tap of your finger, you can run a report that shows how much food you served during any time period.

Working with a professional may end up being the more affordable option when you consider how much you might save by maximizing your tax deductions and avoiding costly mistakes. (n) Space must be provided and so arranged that each child’s outer garments

may be hung separately. (i) Toxic paints or finishes must not be used on walls, window sills, beds,

toys or any other equipment, materials or furnishings which may be used by children

or are within their reach. (h) There must be a separate quiet area, which can be adequately supervised,

for children who become ill or who develop symptoms of illness. (g) Cribs, padded playpens or firm sanitary cots must be provided for children

under two years of age.


Maintenance will be needed more often due to all the wear and tear your house gets. As I mentioned above, the The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper 2022, KidKare software , the Tax Workbook & Organizer, or the Tax Companion are ideal tools. I also have some spreadsheets that may be helpful for you on my “Worksheets” page that you may find useful. It’s also a popular option because it avoids the double taxation of a corporation. Corporations are taxed once on their profits and again when the profits go to the owners or shareholders. In addition, single-member LLCs are taxed similarly to sole proprietorships, anyway.

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The Top 10 Home Business Ideas for 2023.

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Additionally, you can give us a call or request from us a free quote or consultation service. On average, child care centers and programs can save up to 12 hours per month in administrative time spent on billing, invoicing and payroll using Procare’s child care accounting software. That is critical time that can be spend on caring for and educating the children in your care. As consumers, we sometimes don’t track all our personal expenses; however, tracking your business expenses is crucial to keeping your daycare thriving. It helps you understand your cash flow so your expenses don’t outweigh your income. Tracking your expenses also helps you stay within your budget and figure out where you can save money.

List Claims & Track Received Claims

Running ads on these types of platforms is generally inexpensive and effective at targeting local markets. Tell us about your experience in the comments section below and help other home providers with their search. The rush to compile all the appropriate paperwork can be stressful. There are several types of bookkeeping, but the two main types are single-entry bookkeeping and double-entry bookkeeping.

  • Turn your employee’s smartphones into convenient time clocks that stay in sync with your desktop app.
  • You can use graph paper or lined notebook paper to set up columns if you like to make your expense spreadsheet with paper and pencil.
  • Do you have a customer that’s switching to your after-school program?
  • You’ll need to find one that is well versed in daycare
    deductions.You must report ALL income you receive.

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